Why Tom Petty’s the Smartest Person on Earth

That’s right. You’re eyes do not deceive you. I think Tom Petty’s the smartest person on earth.

tom petty

“Why Janet,” you may ask.  “Tom Petty? Not Shakespeare? Not Stephen Hawking? Not even JK–flipping–Rowling? Have you been ingesting a certain herbal concoction that you would say such a thing?”


Kidding! No, I think Tom Petty’s the smartest person on earth because…Tom really gets it. He’s a writer just like we are. The fact that his words are put to music is strictly incidental.

Think about his songs. And if you’re not a Tom fan, then well…Dude, you’re missing out.

  1. The Waiting is the Hardest Part. (Ain’t that the truth?)
  2. Runnin’ Down a Dream (We give up a lot for our dream of being published authors. But who said running down a dream would be easy? )
  3. I Won’t Back Down (Rejections, Smejections. Nothing will stop us. We will NOT back down. We keep going, keep trying)
  4. So you Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star? (insert Author here.)
  5. Free Falling (How free do you feel when the muse is on you? Rushing through you? Taking you over? For most of us, it’ s the BEST feeling a writer can experience.)
  6. American Girl (our biggest target audience yes. But mostly, I just really dig this song.)
  7. It’s Good to be King (My personal favorite. Every writer is the king of their own little writing kingdoms, with the power of life and death held in our hands. It’s intoxicating  isn’t it? The absolute power? We are writers! We create life and we take it away! KNEEL before our Majesty!! Mwah-ha-haaa.)

So– Take a look at Tom Petty’s playlist sometime. Plug it in while you’re writing and see if it doesn’t inspire you. Cause Tom didn’t quit. He wasn’t the pretty-boy rocker like a lot of others that came up when he did. And he doesn’t have the best voice in music. Tom’s “specialness” come from his WRITING. His songs speak of a journey. A WRITER’s journey.


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