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OK, so my sweet FABULOUS “friend,” (quotation marks cause she KNOWS she’s an absolute beast for making me get off my lazy butt and start blogging again-lol) Kate Michael, has kindly included me in The Writing Process Blog Tour.

kate michael

Seriously, Kate, thanks so much! You are the BEST! And I appreciate you thinking of me!

Kate and I met at the Historical Novel Society Conference in St. Petersburg, FL last summer, when she found me kneeling in the middle of the gorgeous hotel lobby–in an utter and complete panic. WHY? Oh, because I’d lost my driver’s license and I had (idiotically) forgotten to bring my passport, too. I was in tears, because without the license, I couldn’t check in to the hotel, couldn’t register at the conference, and more importantly…how in the HECK was I gonna get on the airplane to go home the next day?


It was a scene, man. I’m talking underwear flying ten feet in the air as I ripped through my bag, hoping against hope that the license had somehow, miraculously ended up in my suitcase.  Kate was angel. She helped me gather up my things. Talked the hotel into letting me check in. And kept me from throwing myself off the roof. She was amazing and I will adore her forever.

And…She is also one HELL of a writer! I’ve been fortunate enough to read her WIP and man!!! It is SEXY and awesome and one of those cantputitdowntosaveyourlife reads. Kate is an up and coming new author who’s gonna do GREAT things!!!! You can find her here, on FB, and on Twitter.

So here I am. Back in the blogging world again. You know, people talk about dusting off their poor, neglected blogs… I WISH!

french building collapse

Mine was buried underneath about a gazillion pounds of mangled steel and concrete. It was sunk deep, ya’ll. {{I think Blogee even tried to run away from home at some point. Or maybe placed a call to the ASPCA for neglect. But really…since his only reader was my mom anyway, the pale, scrawny little guy’s not likely to have found anyone else to take him in.}} 

So I did a bit of mouth to mouth. Gave him a scrub with that goop they use on oil-slicked ducks in Alaska and voila! Here we go….

What am I currently working on?

I recently finished the final, (pleaseletitbethe) FINAL revisions on my first novel and turned them in to my agent, the FAB uber-agent, Mollie Glick of Foundry Lit! It’s a YA Time Travel adventure, about a geek-girl with an eidetic (or photographic) memory, who must travel back in time to save her mom. Naturally, she meets a boy who–OMG–all of us should BE so lucky to have a guy like that love them… AND to get there, she hooks up with a group of kids who are like the time-travel equivalent of Young Indiana Joneses.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Most time-travel stories occur around an accident. An ‘oops, I didn’t mean to fall through that mirror/portal/pothole’. My travelers know exactly what they’re doing. And in previous years were not what you’d call lily-white. They *cough* might have “accidentally” picked up a few items of incredible value along the way.


Why do I write what I write?

First, I write YA because NO ONE feels things like a sixteen year old girl. Everything is new to them. Every strong emotion is felt more keenly, because it’s the first time. Love, grief, true fear. And Second…because you can beat the holy CRAP out of teenagers. You can throw them down a flight of stairs or kick them into a raging, icy river, and they just brush themselves off and keep going. You can’t do that to a forty-something year old woman. We break. Also.. Time Travel, because it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember. I love history, and what better way to experience it, then sending a sharp, modern girl back there to see, feel, and smell (eww) it all for herself?

How does my individual writing process work?

I am weird. That’s just all there is to it. I start around 3am or so, and keep going until my brain gives out for the day. I find that early morning is when I’m sharpest. I admire people who write until the wee hours. But me?? I’m that old, crusty owl that goes to the nest at dusk, then wakes up when all the ‘night owls’ are winding down. I will nitpick a draft to death. I drive myself batcrap crazy, trying to get every word just perfect. Fortunately, I’m a member of the incredible world-famous (almost) writing group, the SFWG. (Don’t ask, the acronym is TOP secret. I could tell you, but I’d have to… well, you know….) Three years ago when we got together, we were a group of 10 unagented writers. Today, we have three multi-published authors. Four agented writers, and three who are VERY close! Without my SFWG gals, I’d have flipped my shit a LOOONGG time ago. Also, when I’m deep into writing or editing, my poor family would probably starve to death, if it wasn’t for my amazing husband, who supports me a thousand percent and keeps me from wandering into walls as I stumble through the house, muttering dialogue to myself.


Now it’s time to pick a few of my fave writers to tag!

Heather WebbHeather Webb, author of the lush, delish historical novel, BECOMING JOSEPHINE, (Plume, Penguin-2014) the sweeping story of how a young Creole girl became the first woman of France, wife of the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte. This novel will pick you up and carry you into the glittering world of post-revolution France. In it’s own way, it’s time travel at its finest. Her second novel, RODINS LOVER (also Penguin) will be out Jan 2015!!  Heather is my critique partner, my mentor and one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for! You can find her here, and on FB and Twitter.

Candie Campbell

Candie Campbell is a YA/MG writer of INCREDIBLE fantasy stories! She’s a member of the illustrious SFWG and one of my VERY best friends! Candie has one of the absolute BEST imaginations of anyone I’ve ever read, and buckle up! Cause when her SEEK series–(a too-cool-to-be-believed series about a girl who kills deadly shadows… yep, I said shadows–hits the bookstores, you’ll be lining up! You can find Candie here, on FB and Twitter.

LJ Cohen

LJ Cohen is another member of our fantabulous SFWG, an amazing crit partner and an incredibly successful indie author and publisher! Her novels DERELICT, THE BETWEEN, and FUTURE TENSE are major sci/fi and fantasy hits! You can check them out HERE and trust me!! You will WANT to! I’ve read them all and they are unputdownable!! You can find LJ here and on FB and Twitter.

Jenny Martin

And last, but certainly not least, is the lovely Jenny Martin! Jenny and I met several years ago at the DFW Writer’s Conference, when I had JUST started out on my writing career. She was so kind and so generous to a brand-new writer, that she instantly became one of my heroes! (She still is, btw) Jenny’s debut novel (the COOL as freaking hell) TRACKED (Penguin) will launch next spring and I cannot WAIT!!! (Seriously.. it’s a sci/fi nail-biter about a female street racer in the future!!! Phenomenal!!) You can find Jenny HERE, and on FB and Twitter.

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I'm one of those girls who love books so much, I couldn't stand it till I wrote one of my own. I'm dreaming of the day when someone a LOT smarter than me will invent a real time machine. I have a wonderful hubby and two amazing boys, who--over the years--have ruined me forever for sappy chick-flicks. Now, I'm all about the fantasy-action. Thor...mmm... And GoT double mmm! I'm also an author with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt...INTO THE DIM & SPARKS OF LIGHT (coming 8/1/2017). I am repped by the phenomenal Mollie Glick of Creative Artists Agency (CAA).
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