Teens Through Time–Part 1 Fashion

OK. Raise your hand if your fave thing about historical fiction, YA Time Travel or YA Hisfic is imagining that you get to wear some of the freaky awesome hats?

boethius_detail (1)

Instead of “how low can you go” the theme during this time for headgear was…”how high can you fly”?

In my current WIP, the teens travel to different eras in time. Of course, one of the most important aspects of their prep is fashion. They have to be able to blend in. So….voila! COSTUMES!

What little girl doesn’t love to dress up like a princess? As I mentioned in the previous post, being an actual princess pretty much sucked. Oh sure, they had lots of cool gowns and accessories. But would having no choice in who you married be worth it? What if your parents foisted you off on some old geezer? It happened all too often, and only changed within the fairly recent past!! Think about that. Even Princess Diana of England was basically hand-picked by the royals and her folks to be the Princess of Wales. (And we all know how that turned out.)

Still… ahhhh the clothes.

costumes through time

If Time Travel were real, where would you go? Though I think it would “royally” blow to have to wear a corset, it might be worth it to wear such sumptuous gowns. Am I right, girls? For hundreds of years, from the time a girl was twelve or so, it was time to put away the relatively comfy kiddee clothes and make the transition to women’s garb. The first move was to cinch up into a corset.


The corset–by the way–has been around in one “shape” or another for over 500 years. If you’ll recall the shape of women’s garments around the time of Queen Elizabeth, the corset was used to flatten a woman’s shape, rather than accentuate curves. Shortly after the French Revolution, the corset went out of fashion, in favor of looser gowns that draped the body. That didn’t last long, however, and during Victorian times, the corset returned with a¬†vengeance. I found a wonderful article on the history of corsets, from the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. You can read it here.



I plan to send my “travelers” to all kinds of different eras in time. See if you can guess where, based on the pics below.


Next week, we’ll discuss the one thing teens through the ages have always struggled against…Parents.

Teens Through Time: Part 2 Parents












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