Presentation & Writing Workshop

 A bit more detail on what an author visit looks like:

1.)  What will the presentation entail? What will be needed? 

Click here for Presentation sample

  •  I really only require a screen that can be attached to a laptop.
  • As for the presentation, I’ll discuss how I became a writer, and what it’s like to have a book published. I’ll also talk about INTO THE DIM & SPARKS OF LIGHT specifically, and show lots of gorgeous photos and funny (sometimes gross) info about what life was like in the Middle Ages and in the 1895, Gilded Age of New York City!

2.   What does one of your reading workshops look like? What supplies will you and the students need?

Click here for Writing Workshop sample

  • For this, too, I’ll also need a screen, and a podium or table. The kids will need tables or desks, too. Whatever works! 
    • We’ll first talk about how to pick a story to write, asking the question…”What If?”
    • We’ll then discuss planning a story. “Plotter” vs “Pantser.” 
    • I’ll provide material you can print out about story structure, and we’ll quickly work through a few familiar stories (Hunger Games, Harry Potter) deconstructing the “high points” and I’ll let them tell ME what is the “hook” in that story. What is the “1st Plot point” etc.
      • If we’re pushed for time, I’ll pass out sheets for the kids to take home and play with on their own.
      • I’ll also have some goodies for those who are excited about answering!






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