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One of THE VERY BEST things about becoming a published author is getting the opportunity to visit schools and interact with students! Nothing touches an author’s heart more than seeing kids get excited about their books!

My normal visit will include: One or two large-group presentations, then several writing workshops (or small-group Q&A sessions, whichever you prefer) throughout the day.

Doing a large group assembly and several smaller workshops is usually great, because with the big group, you never know whose interest you might grab. One of the ‘meh’ readers might end up reading the book just because they met the author, then decide they actually like reading. (That’s the MOST awesome outcome EVER!)  I also adore doing workshops and (hopefully) inspiring young writers!!! That’s where my heart truly lies.

For INTO THE DIM, I’ll talk about (and show images of) the Scottish Highlands, and medieval England, especially the great queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of Henry II, and mother of Richard the Lionheart and the infamous villain of the Robin Hood tales, Prince John.


The 2nd book in The Dim Series, SPARKS OF LIGHT comes out 8/1/2017, and  I’ll be discussing that book and its era as well, the Gilded age of New York City. I had such fun writing about nineteenth century New York! It was a new time period for me and THE CLOTHES…omg!!

I have tons of cool pictures for the presentation, and have even incorporated costumes from both eras into the big group appearance. {{IF I have any theater-minded youngsters who’d like to volunteer to wear the gowns & be models, that is?}}

If you’re interested in scheduling an author visit for your school, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

I LOVE talking to and with kids. Teens and pre-teens are so savvy and so intelligent. Their minds are so incredibly agile and they always ask the BEST questions. Often, they’ll stump me, and when they do…they get a prize! 😀

For a list of the authors in your state, click HERE for Kim Norman’s fantastic site!




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  2. Deborah Weigel says:

    I know it’s a bit soon, but when can we expect your next book on the dim?

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