Pitch Wars. It takes a writer village.

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!


I have amazing news! Me and my unbelievably-talented PitchWars Mentor– the brass knuckle-wielding, ball-smashing, fabulosity that is Heather Webb–actually won PitchWars with my YA Time Travel novel– THROUGH THE DIM!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYYYY!

*I’ll give you a moment to find your cymbals and batons.*Jerrys-Brass-band

I want to thank Brenda Drake and everyone else (especially Dahlia and the  YAMisfits) who helped make this contest a raging success. It must’ve been a hella lotta hard work, and we writers could not appreciate you guys more!

If you’ve never participated in a PitchWars type event, let me tell you…It’s not for the faint of heart. For three days, my blood pressure was through the roof as BIG-TIME New York agents perused all the amazing, wonderful entries and made requests for full or partial manuscripts. I was a shuddering, blubbering mess at the end of it.. But happy. OMG, so happy!

Now comes the real nail-biter… Will anyone want the dang thing? 

katebiting nails

Poor Kate’s been so worried about my agent status. I’d hate for it to stress her and the baby out. So hopefully it’ll happen soon. For Kate’s sake, of course.

 Now that it’s time to push our manuscript–our baby– out our metaphorical hoo-has into the world, I’m super-scared, how about you?? Will my submission languish in that agent hell-hole of “not quite right for my list?” Or will the miracle of miracles occur? THE CALL.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m  not just sticking to fingers this time. No sirree buddy! I’m crossing everything I’ve got. Toes, boobs…you name it, baby. If I have two of them,  I’m twisting them up–even if I have to walk weird for a while.

In all seriousness, for me the best part of the entire PitchWars experience was getting to meet a bunch of wonderful, generous, funny, talented writers. We hung on Twitter. Supported each others entries. Cheered each other on. There was no ugly. It was so hopeful and positive that…..Dammit, I said I wouldn’t cry…. *sniff*

I’m also fortunate enough to be a member of the most talented critique group on the planet. (SFWG forever!!) Over the past year, I’ve watched one after the other  get agents and then book deals. And it is glorious to behold!! We rejoice each other’s triumphs and are there to soothe when the writing world get’s too thorny. That’s what you look for in a writing group. They–and all my amazing, supportive writer friends–are my village.

Writing can be a lonely endeavor. So if you don’t have a writing group of your own, I highly, highly recommend it. Working with a group of supportive writers is–I think–the most crucial step in becoming better. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it’s helped me. :)


Good luck all you #pitchwars gods and godesses!! And–to repeat an uber-repeated phrase that is nonetheless totes apt:

“May the odds be ever in your favor!” (And if they ain’t– you think bribing with brownies might work??)

About Janet

I'm one of those girls who love books so much, I couldn't stand it till I wrote one of my own. I'm dreaming of the day when someone a LOT smarter than me will invent a time machine. I have a wonderful hubby and two amazing boys, who--over the years--have ruined me forever for sappy chick-flicks. Now, I'm all about the fantasy-action. Thor...mmm... And GoT rocks! I am repped by the phenomenal Mollie Glick of Foundry Lit.
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8 Responses to Pitch Wars. It takes a writer village.

  1. Fun post! I lurked Pitch Wars since I “know” a bunch of twitter folks and bloggers involved. What a cool experience. I entered several contests last fall and am still hearing back from agent requests. It’s a trying time, but all of the feedback I’ve received have helped me go back and make edits. Not sure my MS is quite there yet, but the networking with the writing community has helped so much.

    Love all the pics in your post, too!

  2. Janet says:

    Thanks so much, Stephanie! PitchWars was a blast–and nerve-wracking. I was so honored to win. I just hope–and pray, mustn’t forget pray, that it will eventually lead somewhere. I wish that for all the wonderful pitchwars writers who worked so hard and did such an amazing job!! My wish is that all our writing dreams come true! It will happen for you too! I just wished it for you! :)

  3. Jae says:

    Okay, I think you’re feeling the same vibe I’ve been feeling. Pitch Wars was awesome and intense and I can’t wait to hear back from people (and hopefully hear a yes from at least one) but at the same time the end felt a bit, shall we say, anti-climatic? Maybe it’s just me, but Pitch Wars prep was soooo intense. And I hit the refresh button more times than I care to admit. But then reality was a cold splash of water to the face when I remembered, oh yeah, full requests take MONTHS to get any response back on. So the real results won’t be coming for some time (unless they’re no’s, which we…well, let’s just say let’s hold out for the yes answers). What do you think, friend?

    Loved meeting you and keeping my fingers crossed for some yes answers for you! (And seriously, they want us to do math to prove we’re human? Wouldn’t it prove we were human if we got it wrong? Just saying….)

  4. Janet says:

    You’re so right, Jae!
    It’s like going to Disneyworld to ride the world’s largest roller coaster. You’ve planned it for ages. Saved your money. Could barely get through the work-week, knowing what awaited you. You wait in line at the front gate, hopping from foot to foot for what seems like forever. The doors finally, FINALLY swing open and you race as fast as you can to the ride. Your heart is pounding and you can barely stand the anticipation. And then… da da da da dummmmm… You stop short and realize…You have to stand in an even LONGER line.
    I felt so lucky and blessed to meet such great folks during PW and I wish for HUGE success for you! :) We’ll get there! It just may be a long line.

  5. Dawn says:

    I’m just so proud of you I could bust!
    I smiled all the way through reading this. When you mentioned “crossing boobs”, it reminded me of the hysterical, yet-slightly-inappropriate conversation with Candie in the room at DFWCon! Miss you bunches!

  6. Janet says:

    Thank you, my darling Dawn! Oh– we said LOTS of stuff at DFWcon. I look at writing conferences kind of like Vegas. What happens there, stays there… right? Everyone agree? :)
    All us “purple ribbon” gals are gonna get there one day! We’re 2/5 of the way and the rest of us are getting closer and closer!!

  7. PK Hrezo says:

    Hey Janet! Just wanted to stop by and congratulate your PitchWars superstardom! Wow all those requests have to make you feel fab (as well as nauseous…lol)

    Anyway, loved your first page and wishing you all the best of luck! Try not to wear those nails down to the quick. ;)

    Great to meet you!

  8. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for commenting, PK! Pitchwars was crazy-town! But for me, NOW is the most difficult time. Like the demi-god Tom Petty tells us.. The waiting is the hardest part.
    I loved meeting you too, and we’ll have to stay in touch! Good luck on your novel!!

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