Hey ya’!!ll

A long time ago, I promised to only contact you when I had some really cool news, and OH BOY, do I!!

First of all, the gorgeous hardbacks for Book II of “INTO THE DIM” have arrived!! WOOO!

Say hello to “SPARKS OF LIGHT,”coming August 1st, 2017!!! (For Pre-Orders, Click HERE!)

I am in awe of the job Houghton Mifflin has done on this incredible cover (omg, that embossed title!) And the book itself is gold-marbled, just like DIM is marbled in silver!

My second bit of news is that I am starting to schedule all Author Appearances for the school year, 2017-2018!!!


If you are interested in having me for an author appearance at your school….or if you know of any teachers or librarians who might be looking for a fun and informative visit for their school, please CLICK HERE FOR AUTHOR VISIT INFO!

I also do writing workshops for kids or adults.   If you are interested, please comment, fill in the contact form below, and/or email me at Janet@JanetBTaylor.com for details on an author visit to your school or organization.

Or contact me on Twitter Instagram or Facebook, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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