Hey ya’ll!

First…a plethora of smooches to Bridget and Kristin for having me on their phenomenal Bookstagram Tour!!!

Aaaanddd.. Because I love you guys and you are SOO amazing…I thought I’d give you a special treat….a peek inside ‘SPARKS OF LIGHT’!

In this chapter, (Ch. 5) Hope, Collum, Phoebe, Doug, Mac and Moira are all waaaay up in the mountains at the “Highland Games.” The guys are looking all manly in their kilts and Hope, who hasn’t seen or heard from Bran in nearly two months, is missing him really bad!! Enter Doug and Phoebe and their little devious minds…and just GUESS who “happens” to  show up.

This scene begins right after Hope firsts spots Bran…..


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