Back from Revision Hell and Ready to Roll

Hey ya’ll,

Once again, I’ve been woefully absent from my poor, neglected blog. (I’m sorry blog.) And apologies to my three readers. *waves at Mom*

I’ve been buried in Revision hell for a little bit.  Everyone knows RH, right?

It always starts a while back when:

  • You emerge from your writing hole, blinking and pasty with a final draft in your hot little hands.
  • You read over your fabulous, incredible manuscript, one final time.
  • You take a deep breath–hit send–and notify your family:  ”EUREKA! I’ve done it! I’ve just written the next Harry-freaking-Potter.”
  • You walk by the mirror and give yourself that little ‘Hell yeah’ chin thrust along with the ‘dude, I got this’ wink. Don’t lie. You know you do it.

And then…


The Edits come. *cue ominous organ music*

Whether from your agent, writing group/partner, or from a professional editor. You started reading through them and you realize just what a hack you really are. You bang your head on your desk a time or two. That little smirk disappears toot-friggen-sweet.

Then, you fall to your knees and thank your lucky stars that you have such a fabulous agent, phenomenal writing group and/or partner, and you belly-flop right into those edits.

Aaand…You end up where I am now. That nail-gnawing, stomach cramping space where you’re waiting to see if your manuscript needs more work. Or if it’s THAT time…. Time for the S word. Submission. (or the Q word, if you’re seeking an agent. I’m betting the two processes feel pretty much the same.)

This is a new place for me. So while I wait for my badass agent to decide, I’m going to follow the advice of MY amazing writing partners (who are so, SO much smarter than me) and start the next one.

 What about you?

Are you waiting on news, either S or Q?

If you’ve been through this, would you share your method of maintaining your sanity through the wait? 




About Janet

I'm one of those chicks who love books so much, I couldn't stand it till I wrote one of my own. I write YA Time Travel, and am dreaming of the day when someone a LOT smarter than me will invent a time machine. I have a wonderful hubby and two amazing boys, who--over the years--have ruined me forever from liking sappy chick-flicks. Now, I'm all about the fantasy. GoT ROCKS!! I am repped by the phenomenal Mollie Glick of Foundry Lit.
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