Back from Revision Hell and Ready to Roll

Hey ya’ll,

Once again, I’ve been woefully absent from my poor, neglected blog. (I’m sorry blog.) And apologies to my three readers. *waves at Mom*

I’ve been buried in Revision hell for a little bit.  Everyone knows RH, right?

It always starts a while back when:

  • You emerge from your writing hole, blinking and pasty with a final draft in your hot little hands.
  • You read over your fabulous, incredible manuscript, one final time.
  • You take a deep breath–hit send–and notify your family:  ”EUREKA! I’ve done it! I’ve just written the next Harry-freaking-Potter.”
  • You walk by the mirror and give yourself that little ‘Hell yeah’ chin thrust along with the ‘dude, I got this’ wink. Don’t lie. You know you do it.

And then…


The Edits come. *cue ominous organ music*

Whether from your agent, writing group/partner, or from a professional editor. You started reading through them and you realize just what a hack you really are. You bang your head on your desk a time or two. That little smirk disappears toot-friggen-sweet.

Then, you fall to your knees and thank your lucky stars that you have such a fabulous agent, phenomenal writing group and/or partner, and you belly-flop right into those edits.

Aaand…You end up where I am now. That nail-gnawing, stomach cramping space where you’re waiting to see if your manuscript needs more work. Or if it’s THAT time…. Time for the S word. Submission. (or the Q word, if you’re seeking an agent. I’m betting the two processes feel pretty much the same.)

This is a new place for me. So while I wait for my badass agent to decide, I’m going to follow the advice of MY amazing writing partners (who are so, SO much smarter than me) and start the next one.

 What about you?

Are you waiting on news, either S or Q?

If you’ve been through this, would you share your method of maintaining your sanity through the wait? 




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Exciting News!

Gonna take a little break from Teens Through Time to share some very exciting news.

OK- Now that I have your full attention!  *smirk*

Last week, one of my dreams came true.

No…For reals.

I’m talking Dream. Come. True.

Last Tuesday, I agreed to an offer of representation from the fan-freaking-tabulous *drumroll*Mollie Glick of Foundry Lit.


Mollie reps such amazing writers as Gen Albin (CREWEL), Josephine Angelini (STARCROSSED), Rebecca Serle (WHEN YOU WERE MINE), and tons of other incredibly talented authors.

These guys are  so spectacular, I can’t believe I’m even a junior member–the towel girl–on the same team.

Mollie was a dream agent for me.  (There’s that dang word again) One of those pie-in-the-sky agents you fantasize will offer, but that you know deep down is waaaaayyy out of your league. I was driving with my mom when it happened. I had to pull over to the side of the road to keep from flying off the side of a mountain.

I have lots of work ahead of me. And I’m sure there’s plenty of heartache in store. But before the pressure really hits…Just for a little while…I wanna bask in the gooey agentedness (not a word, I know, but roll with  me here) I wake up to each morning.


Are you newly agented? Do you feel a little nervous and intimidated by the terrific authors your agent already reps?

Are you seeking an agent?

If you are still striving toward that goal, please listen to my advice. I know what I’m talking about here.

KEEP TRYING! Keep working. Keep leaning the craft and keep perfecting your novel. I’m here to tell you it can happen. If it happened for me it will happen for you. But you must…

Snape in a rubber head

Never give up…Never surrender!!

Thanks for listening and have a super day!!



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